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Living an “Utmost Life” with Guest Tim Storey

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Living an “Utmost Life” with Guest Tim Storey.

Understanding Tim’s unique message:

Set back to come back


(3:56- 4:03) EVAN “Your set back can also be a moment that you can leverage into a higher future and deepen your potential.”


  • What Tim’s personal setback was:

    • (4:54- 4:59) EVAN “Setbacks that look like they have one barrier and that barrier has no other side to it and there is another side isn’t there?”

    • (5:40- 6:19)   TIMI went from being a little league all-star player, playing in my community basketball games to doing supper super well, playing football, fast, funny, good energy. So I went from that to then finding out one night that my father had gone to get my mother some food and he went to go pick it up and there was no Uber eats, he ran out he went through a green light, a car ran a red light and hit him and killed him. We did not have answers for that.”

    • (7:12- 7:16)  TIM “I went from peak to bleak … literally in a week.”


  • What to do when you are in a setback:

    • (8:12- 8:24) EVAN “Often time we think of these setbacks as these large monumental moments, which it can be, but it is also a little bit of you go home to someone who doesn’t believe in you or you are unioned in business with somebody that has a different vision. It can be little things that seep into your life.”

    • (8:30- 8:34) TIM When you have a setback you have to take inventory.”

    • (9:05- 9:57) TIM “What it takes to climb a Mount Everest. You have to have the right tools, and they go through all the different tools you may need that you may not need if you climb Mount Reiner or Mount Baldy. You have to have the right tools, you have to have the right skills. So you may have the tools but you don’t have the skills. We did not know how to get through this big mount that was in front of us, of my father dying. We didn’t have the right tools, skills. Here is the third one. You need to have the right attitude.”


  • What type of responsibility comes with working with celebrities:

    • (12:55 – 13:00) TIM “Here’s what I find; I find that I am always growing. Because there is not one easy answer for somebody.”

    • (13:16 – 13:38) TIM “There is a backstory, there is something maybe to do with their health issues, do they have the right partners in their life. I don’t come with a package deal that is one size fits all.”


  • Defining a comeback plan:

    • (14:20 – 14:40) EVAN “Success is true when it can be duplicated again and again and again. How do you continue to duplicate these moments to people who have it all together? How do you continue to build lives back? What do you tap into to make that happen?”

    • (14:40- 15:16) TIM “Life is by default or life is lived by design. There may be a time in your life when some challenges come your way and you live by a little bit of default but also design. That is where people get in trouble. They are like ‘wow I’m so used to having it all together.”

    • (15:35 – 15:48) TIM “Let’s take inventory. Maybe 80% of your life is still flowing and you feel the right plan for your life but 20% is challenging.”

    • (16:09 – 16:36) TIM “What I am looking for is not perfection. I’m looking to get better. That’s my strength. I’m not looking for perfection. We miss up when we look for a perfect album: Thriller, Eagles, Hotel California. I do not look for perfection I look for better.”

    • (16:38 – 16:42) EVAN “That key factor is important because it’s infinitely scalable.”


  • Tim Storey’s definition of magic:

    • (19:23 – 19:39) TIM “If I have any magic in me. Dear God, let it out and I did. My magic was my ability to communicate and change the masses.”

    • (21:07- 21:27) EVAN “I remember thinking in that moment about 15 months prior when I was sitting in the hospital bed and tears were rolling down my face as I was listening to the doctor say that I was never going to be able to move my left arm again and that’s what that moment meant to me. So I think that we have magical people, magical potential, but we also have magical moments.”

    • (21:53) TIM “A comeback is not a go back.”

    • (21:56 – 22:48) TIM “I think too many people they have a setback and they constantly have tried to go back and clean that whole thing up before they can get happy. You are probably going to lose 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, and maybe a lifetime. You have to learn how to forgive yourself. You have to learn to be humble enough to apologize or make amends with people you may have really hurt. It could be an ex. Could be your own child. You have to be open and let God’s grace come into your life. There is a great speaker that says ‘grace fills in the space.’ That is the story of my life.”

    • (25:37 – 25:50) EVAN “I think that there is something to be said about that grace and space in your own life but also not have your identity grounded in someone’s perception of your actions. For me personally my identity is grounded is first my faith and second in my individuality.”


  • What was your moment of revelation and you hear the calling and start moving towards a distinct purpose?

    • (27:30 – 27:44) TIM “I think that is when I found that people listen to me and everything paused including the room.”

    • (28:31 – 28:42) TIM “The wisdom that was pouring into my Spirit was coming out of my mouth in my 20’s and people wanted to hear and if they didn’t want to hear, I wouldn’t talk.”


  • Where to start. How to get out of that initial rut? You start by isolating the problem and then connect with someone who has been through it and who can walk you through it.

    • (35:40 – 36:00) TIM “Here is the cool thing about love. Love is known by the option it props. Love is known by what it probs. Someone can tell me all day long ‘i love you man, dude I love you’ but dude… it’s going to be known by being set in motion.”