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Truth In Your Story with Guest Rocky Garza

By February 27, 2020 February 29th, 2020 No Comments

On today’s episode of the Obsessed Podcast, Evan sits down with guest and Obsessed Conference keynote speaker Rocky Garza to revisit the concept of finding “the source” of your obsessions.

Listen to this powerful episode to grab fantastic takeaways about what Evan learned from transitioning from his multi-8-figure company to Obsessed Academy, and how Rocky breaks down the steps to eliminating your doubt, killing fear, and embracing the most authentic version of yourself.

Show Notes:

Rocky breaks down how a shift happens in 4 different parts. (4:21)


Evan and Rocky discuss the dynamic of needs and wants. (7:00)


Rocky talks about his one goal for this year. (13:10)


Rocky encourages you to identify what are the markers that you are unwilling to waver from. (14:05)

Rocky highlights the key importance of being able to identify what is and what is true. (20:46)

Rocky and Evan talk about what sustainability and profitability means to them. (21:52)

Evan describes how he lived his life based upon someone else’s story, achieved what society deemed as successful and what the results consisted of. (23:03)

Evan breaks down the concept of a calling and a caller. (25:08)

Rocky explains that God won’t stop calling until you answer. (27:29)

Rocky talks about the freedom gained when we can see God for who he is. (30:26)

Evan describes what happened when he was forced to focus. (35:34)

Rocky talks about what inhibits us from getting to the place of moving in our calling and the importance of killing doubt. (36:56)

Rocky lays out the first steps you need to take to start killing doubt in your life. (39:51)


“I don’t think most of us take enough time to go and define it and see what we actually want, though. We live a life based upon someone else’s story.” – Rocky

“What I really needed honestly, Rocky was to finally listen to Jesus, and I needed to live my life more like him. I was trying to be a better version of myself instead of a more authentic version of Jesus.” – Evan

“The truth that finally came into my life was that the beauty of a calling is that it means you have to identify the caller. If you are trying to live in an alignment with a calling and a giftedness and a purpose, the first thing you need to do is recognize the caller.” – Evan

“All of our preconceived notions about who God is, that we have a negative connotation of, I believe are based on our past and when we reflect who God is in another human not when we reflect who God is and who God is. God doesn’t change.” – Rocky

I don’t think most of us take enough time to go and define it and see what we actually want, though. We live a life based upon someone else's story.

Rocky Garza