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Principled Leadership with Guest Ramiz Hakim

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On this episode of the Obsessed Podcast, guest Ramiz Hakim joins to discuss principled and disciplined leadership, overcoming obstacles when running a massive organization, and how he finds “balance” in scaling his company to 1,000 people, while still being a dedicated friend, husband, father, and leader to those he cares about.



How did you arrive at creating such an intentional business?

  • (3:45 – 4:02) RAMIZ I wanted to be able to come home and not give my family crumbs. So I told my wife ‘I am going to build this and I want it to be self-sustainable so that as the business grows I don’t have to miss baseball games, recitals, family vacations. I don’t want to have to be on the beach with a laptop. I want to build this thing.

  • (4:22- 4:38) RAMIZ The intent was always how do I build this for myself and for others so that they can go home and feel energized and invigorated to be there and not drained and burnt out so that your just grumpy when you are with your family.

  • (5:00- 5:12) RAMIZ So that philosophy has allowed for us to pull away or plugin as fast or when needed. The business really runs itself because we built it with that intention before we even had children.

  • (6:41 – 6:56) EVAN It was these moments of look how often I am missing from the picture. That was one reason we built Obsessed Academy with such intention on what drew me away from my family for so long, as in my work, is now going to be the thing that brings us together.

Where was the bridge between you that was being crafted from the world to the you that lives with intention? What happened in that gap?

  • (7:33 -8:17) RAMIZ I grew up with immigrant parents who are Palestinian, Arab, Christian with Israeli citizenship. So when you talk about a minority group there is no one really more minority than that. I saw my father in particular really have to be self-employed because he couldn’t gain employment anywhere. He had to hustle but he always made it a point to keep his kids with him as he did that. That intentional congruence caused me and my brother to know nothing else other than entrepreneurship and it has to be a family business.

  • (11:59- 12:17) EVAN Loyalty doesn’t equate to professional competency. I think that is something everybody has to learn at some point. Because no matter how many times you hear it’s different when your best friend is out of a job and you’re like oh wait maybe I can help. I’m at this position now I can bless those who are important to me life is good but it doesn’t always work that way.L.

  • (21:54 – 22:13) RAMIZ The short term is to get to 1200 people working this machine of a company that just puts clients through an experience and pops out a sale. I really do believe however that the end goal is for us to transform the entire way insurance is sold and marketed.

  • (23:38 – 23:45) RAMIZ People want the business. They want the money but they don’t want the hardship that comes with that.

How do you define being purpose-driven and then living that out every day?

  • (29:45 – 29:55) RAMIZ If you are truly purpose-driven then I believe your success your definition of success needs to be defined by how many other people you’ve made successful.

  • (31:42 – 32:01) RAMIZ We have talked a lot about work-life balance and I don’t know if I necessarily buy into that fact. I think everything needs to be in the same jug and you need to own that and be okay with that and then find techniques or disciplines so that you’re not giving leftovers to people.

I wanted to be able to come home and not give my family crumbs.

Ramiz Hakim