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Living in your “WHY” with Dr. Mike Goddard

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Guest Dr. Mike Goddard joins to discuss living in alignment with his “WHY,” his definition of a magical life, and how you can truly make an impact in someone’s life by your work through smaller, everyday moments.

Key Takeaways:

For those who don’t know you yet, please share a little about who you are, what you about, and the mission that drives you today.


DR. GODDARD (3:03)

I had a chance to go off and play college football after having a pretty successful high school career. I really had a chance to do well there and anticipated playing in the NFL. It lasted a day. I don’t even know if I get credit or a t-shirt for that. I don’t even think I’m on the list anywhere. So it was an almost immediate rip away of the bandaid of a dream. It was kind of amazing because when I look back really even physically and mentally. I had some multiple concussions really I think it was the big man upstairs protecting me in many ways. Then I kinda really spiraled for about 8 or 9 years. I tried to figure out what I was going to do, I did corporate, I worked that way, I ran a resort, I ran sports camps, I ran an alethic flooring company. I just navigated. I jumped from thing to thing and I just kept having something missing that whole time. I wasn’t hitting it.


DR. GODDARD  (5:00)

You talk about being in a valley. It was like ‘how did I get here?’ I planned all of these things I’m looking and I almost turned 30 and going ‘what is my life gotten to?’


DR. GODDARD  (7:51)

I spent years just spinning my wheels trying to figure out what that title should be for me to fill that void or whether that bank account was high enough to fill that void and all those things. It just wasn’t happening. It was pretty miraculous as we walk through the process.


DR. GODDARD  (9:53)

It is the constant battle we have now with young people is what you find your value in is so critical. There’s so much negative self-talk that’s out there based on whether it’s a like or someone picking on you at the moment or whether it’s someone who’s trying to squash your dreams, that’s the piece that I think is so disheartening and such a passionate mission for me to be able to change that mindset and change from that negative self-talk that those energy vampires that are out there and really turn it around and make it this positive mindset.


EVAN (11:07)

I believe in fighting that to the core because the next generation of world changers and leaders is going to stem from individuals that have clarity, confidence, and conviction with who they are, where their life work needs to take them, and the calling that they need to remain obedient to. And that starts with at least some sort of internal certainty that regardless of your perception of my day myself doesn’t need to change based on how you think that I act.

Let’s talk about that shift: What would you define as kinda the bridge between those two parts of your life?  What other components of your life starting clicking when you were in transition?

DR. GODDARD  (12:03)

Well, it transitioned not just defining that piece n an occupation but it was in my faith walk, it was in my relationships, I’m married to the most amazing woman now.


DR. GODDARD  (13:23)

Part of it was developing a life mission. I want to live, laugh, love, and leave a legacy. Every interaction I have I want it to be a magical one. Now that’s goofy and sometimes we make fun of me because I wear Disney pins all the time but it’s a constant reminder for me.


DR. GODDARD  (17:10)

Everyone has value. So whether that is someone checking me out at the CVS or somebody who’s walking in here giving me a million dollars for our foundation; no one has a different value than the other. They both can have riches in life, what can we do to enhance that.

Whenever I hear the word magical come up, I am curious. What does a magical life feel like, look like? What do you mean when you talk about things being magical?


DR. GODDARD (19:47)

From a business mindset, even though I operate a school district. Coming from that same mindset, what does our facilities look like? I don’t have magical mirrors in every corner or anything like that but we look at it from that perspective. I use that as a mindset for example when I visit a campus I don’t park upfront and announce that I am arriving. I park by the dumpsters and I walk in the backdoor. And the reason I do that is because if we are taking care of the little like cleaning the area back behind the dumpsters we are certainly taking care of the stuff upfront. That’s even really the Disney mindset of that magical piece of it.


DR. GODDARD (23:38)

Now sometimes people will assume that magical means it’s all pixie dust and wonderful. Well, sometimes there are some people who need to get kicked out of Disney. They don’t understand the parameters of the safety, of the behaviors, and some of those pieces.

If you've got people in your circle that are pulling energy away from you, find a new circle because you can’t have that.

Dr. Mike Goddard