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Obsessive Health with Guest Jason Priest

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On this episode of the Obsessed Podcast, guest Jason Priest joins to discuss the importance of consistency, and the correlation between physical, mental, financial, and professional “health.”⁠



Healthy Dad Bod


  • (9:52 – 10:17) JASON

    • The dad bod has been prompted up at this ‘cute and cuddly thing’ it’s almost being seen more of self-love and almost a healthy trend and coming from someone who worked in ICU and has pumped on the chests of some really young and when I say young they are in the mid to late 30’s and early 40’s its a very scary epidemic that our country is faced with.

  • (10:18 – 10:27) JASON

    • I don’t think it is in the spotlight enough. The projections are 50% obesity rate by 2030.

  • (10:31- 10:40 ) JASON

    • You have overweight and you have obese. I’m not talking about just people that are overweight. I’m talking about actual obesity: BMI over 30.

  • (10:51-  11:00) JASON

    • We are one of the most resourceful countries there are. We have resources everywhere but yet we are the heaviest nation by far and it’s not going away

  • (11:05  – 11:32 ) JASON

    • The justification behind dad bod health is I am taking the position of coming in and showing you that you can live a healthy lifestyle, be around for your kids, and you can still have those foods that you love but you can also be a lot healthier, be around for your kids long term, be around long enough to see your grandkids with a few adjustments to your lifestyle.

  • (11:39-  11:53) JASON

    • My position is I want to show you how to overhaul your habits, create these long-lasting healthy habits that still give you some comfort and flexibility with life to be able to enjoy some of the things that you love.

  • (11:58- 12:10) JASON

    • My logo has a burger and beer those are apart of me and are apart of my brand now there is a time and place for that stuff but most men don’t want to give up the foods that they love.

  • (12:19- 12:40 ) JASON

    • So when I am thinking about dad bod health I’m coming in from an angle of hey let’s get you healthier so you can have a sustainable way of living and you can still enjoy the occasional burger and the occasional beer but lets get you to a point where you feel a lot better and you look a lot better because I firmly believe people just want to feel better.

What started you on this healthy journey?

  • (15:11-  15:22) JASON

    • Compiling what I saw in ICU, my mom’s death, and then the fact that I just came to the point where I was sick of tired of sick and tired is what really spurred me into action.


Room for error

  • (15:33- 15:57) JASON

    • Often times what I see is a delay in taking action because we are waiting for the perfect plan. This can be for business, for health, really any area of life. We are all waiting for the perfect opportunity, the perfect plan but what you must realize is that the imperfect plan followed consistently will destroy the perfect plan followed inconsistently any day of the week.

  • (16:04- 16:17) JASON

    • When it comes to health you do have room for error it doesn’t need to be perfect for you to live a better life. So many people want perfection and delay their action-taking.

  • (16:35- 16:50) JASON

    • Walking 3 times a week for 10 minutes is the exact same mentality for walking 5 times a week for 30 minutes but your body will reward you quickly if you start taking care of it better. There is room for error and it doesn’t need to be perfect.

  • (17:02 – 17:15) JASON

    • I have lived both lives. I have lived the overweight life and now I live the healthy life. Both of them are hard. There is no easy life. So we are put on the planet one time we have to choose your hard wisely.

  • (17:15 – 17:26) EVAN

    • I have a belief that your body needs to be able to keep up with what your mind can conceive. I actually see a significant relationship between financial and professional success and also physical success as well.

  • (18:52-19:03) EVAN

    • As I started to change I noticed a significant relationship between my ability to actually financially and professionally produce in relationship to my ability to make sure my body is taken care of.

  • (19:59 – 20:13) JASON

    • A lot of the time what I see is people become laser-focused on building their empire whether it is brick by brick or they have quick advances we are all on our own journey but I see a lot of people focusing just on business.

  • (20:31 – 21:10) JASON

    • What I see a lot of is when my clients start to buy into the process and just embrace the struggle because that is what it’s about. Going back to the no life is easy thing. I’m not gong to sit here and tell you that I love going to the gym 5 times a week like I do. There are at least 2 times a week where I hate the thought of it but I know if I can get through those gym doors I’m going to have a renewed sense of energy for the rest of the day,   going to sleep better at night, and I know that I can maintain my physique and have a cheat meal or two on the weekends and feel good about and confident about where I am as a person. Health is wealth. Until you buy into that you are going to struggle in all areas of life.

  • (22:39-  22:49) JASON

    • If you want your company to continue to be successful you need to scale with it and if you are not going to scale with it it’s going to be a disaster for you and everyone else that’s involved with your company.

The imperfect plan, followed consistently, will destroy the perfect plan, followed inconsistently, every day of the week.

Jason Priest