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Hooked on helping people with Guest Brad Lea

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Brad Lea joins Evan Stewart to discuss how he got “hooked on helping people,” what he believes Obsession is, and the structure of regaining confidence and achieving success.

Key Takeaways:

Please share a little about who you are, what you do, and what you are about for those who don’t know you yet.


BRAD (1:21)

I am a father, husband, entrepreneur, businessman. I started a company 20 years ago. I am most known for Lightspeed VT. Which I accidentally kinda created for myself and it worked so well for myself that I started showing it to other subject matters experts, people that needed to train franchises, associations, all kinds of industries. It worked extremely well so I decided to kinda scale that and support people who are out there trying to help people succeed. My mission is to get the knowledge from the people who have it to the people that need it because I believe with the right knowledge success is guaranteed.

What exactly were you trying to solve when you set out and inadvertently stumbled upon this business that you have now?


BRAD (2:24)

Well, I was training people for about 10,000 bucks a day and it was salespeople how to close and persuade and ultimately I’d been doing it for a company for some time when I was running the company’s sales team and I produced high powered salespeople, high powered sales managers. I doubled productivity, tripled productivity, I mean I was just good at taking “average Joe’s” and turning them into pros and I kinda got hooked on the ability to help people.


BRAD (3:55)

When I started to do the research I found four key ingredients that most company’s and people inadvertently miss when they are going to train people and I discovered those and I decided that I need to build something that allows me to deliver this in this way. The four ingredients are: good content, repetition, practice, and accountability.


BRAD (20:50)

When I think of obsessed I just think of committed, I just think freakin 100% in on the deal. That’s what I think of when I think of obsessed, committed. You can’t succeed and reach your potential that you are looking for unless you are obsessed or committed. When people really watch you and start to question you, I think that is when you see an indication you are headed in the right direction.

Looking back on your business at Lightspeed what there a moment where you looked back at your business and you either loved or hated and then adjusted?


BRAD (23:01)

I have in retrospect have identified 5 things that I call the 5 factors of success. So the 5 factors to get pretty much anything you want in life. The first one is take a chance, solve problems, make adjustments. The other two we will talk about one day if you like to hear the other two. But those are the first three and guaranteed factors for success.


Brad Dropping Bombs:

BRAD (34:54)

Let me drop some bombs on the ole’ Obsessed Podcast. Number 1 to the entrepreneurial people out there if you want to get to the next level it’s easy to do but you have to maximize the level you are on.


BRAD (36:16)

All your life you’ve been recording yourself being a piece of shit and technically you are not aware of it. It’s like you don’t like yourself, which now starts to chip away to your self-esteem and your self worth and then that changes how you act and how you behave and where you go and opportunities that you even can see.


BRAD (36:24)

You got to forgive yourself. Out-loud and by yourself. Number two you keep your word from that point forward. You always do what you say you are going to do. Number three I want you to set some small goals. Do something small that’s not that damn difficult because your brain doesn’t understand the difference between a big win or a little win. It just sees it a win.


BRAD (43:38)

Gratitude, believe it or not, I believe brings on abundance. You are thankful for things more things will come. You have to wake up with this million-dollar morning which means, wake up and realize you just got something more valuable than a million freakin dollars. You gotta make sure you are eating right, make sure you exercise, invest in yourself, invest in relationships, you gotta pay attention to your business, write down goals for your business, and don’t come home until they are accomplished. If you wake up every day with that gratefulness and then invest in the morning before you leave your house, you invest in these 4 to 5 areas depending on what your goals are, these 4 main areas of your life and you do it every day. Dude, I guarantee you will be a millionaire, multi-millionaire. It would be almost impossible unless you have no desire to be but I will promise you success.

Confidence is the memory of winning.

Brad Lea