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An Immigrant Edge with Guest Benjamin Muresan

By February 20, 2020 No Comments

Accomplished CEO Benjamin Muresan joins this week to discuss his views on remaining “HUMBLE,” leading a life in faith and what’s allowed him to accomplish so much, in such a short period of time.



Who is the humble CEO?



Humble basically for me is a representation of where I started in life. I was born in a communist country of Romania during a time of oppression, during a time of communism, during a time of dictatorship and my parents wanted more for our family. They wanted freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to pursue great things in life and that was just not an option during those times in Romania.



My father was a Christian. My parents are both Christians. They wanted to be able to preach the gospel and do things that just was not an option back then. Everything was stipend. In a time where it was scary and difficult, my parents made a decision to live through faith and they decided to pursue freedom.



I grew up with this massive sense of responsibility. A sense that I need to impact the world in such a significant way otherwise what was the point of my parent’s sacrifice. So for me is not a choice to live in abundance and help people for me it’s an obligation. I feel that a mass of privilege and a mass of responsibility at the same time. So the humble comes from never forgetting what your story is.



I believe that a story is the most important thing a person can have because a story is what ties you to another human being.


How did it feel when your family was brought back together?



The only word to describe that moment was: an absolute beauty.

Was this a moment seeing your parent’s faith as they walked through oppression and left and fled. What that an experience for you that helped solidify your own faith or did you have to relearn that as you grew up? Where did that really come into play for you and your life?


BENJAMIN (13:55)

I would start by defining what I think faith is. Faith is the only thing that can drive us in that we are imperfect beings. Without having a center of faith, without being willing to do things, and faith for me is being able to act without seeing. That’s what it is. Having seen my parents go through what they’ve gone through and be apart of that journey myself, it really solidified in me that anything in this world is possible to any person who decides to take charge and move forward.

What were some of the key indicators/ identifiers that you were able to implement into your life to accomplish so much in such a short period of time?


BENJAMIN (21:02)

I think the biggest thing that I realized early on in life is my own ignorance. I know that there were things that I didn’t know. So I’ve tried to remain, and there is where the humble comes back in, a student all the time. I don’t want to ever develop an ego that’s going to hold me back.


BENJAMIN (22:42)

I also realized early on that people are slow. They are indecisive. They take a long time to take action on something that they think about. So I recognized early on that if I just move quicker than the next guy I’d probably be able to acquire success faster as well.


BENJAMIN (24:48)

In the middle of taking action, you’ll get motivated. The way that you proceed it and move forward, if you are consistent in your activities eventually you’ll find consistency and in that consistency comes motivation.


BENJAMIN (25:58)

Faith is the one driver that will keep pushing you to keep taking the next steps through failure, through consequence, through issues. Faith is what moves you. So I’m just so blissfully faithful in what I need to do, you can’t hold me back.

I believe that a story is the most important thing a person can have because a story is what ties you to another human being.

Benjamin Muresan