Obsessed Academy is proud to partner with the Nurse Entrepreneur Chapter of the American Holistic Nurses association to bring invaluable professional resources back to the healthcare community.

Scale with certainty.

As a nursing entrepreneur, your time should be spent with your clients . . .
. . . not worrying over your business.
Our masterclasses in revenue, relationships, and structure bring certainty to your startup so you can focus on what matters: your sales, and your clients.

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In Obsessed Academy, learn how to:

  • Duplicate your best clients
  • Overcome all objections
  • Establish advocate-level clients
  • Lead your community with conviction
  • Build a bulletproof database
  • Expand your professional network
  • Build structures that don’t break at scale
  • Remain present with your clients
  • Close more deals without sounding “needy”

. . . and more!

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A note from Evan Stewart:

All entrepreneurs face the hurdle of building a sustainable business while simultaneously establishing deep trust with their clients— and I would argue that this hurdle is even more challenging in the world of nursing entrepreneurship. You’re tasked with bringing certainty to someone’s uncertainty, and remaining calm, collected, and consistent, amidst some of the most challenging moments people ever have to face.

So it’s even more crucial that your business is constructed on a secure foundation. Struggling to find opportunities, overcoming sales objections, establishing trust and conviction, capturing lost revenue—and juggling everything in between—should not be the concerns that keep you up at night.

That’s why Obsessed Academy is a vital partner in your company’s growth; providing education, resources, and training to grow your dream through increasing revenue, building vested relationships, and establishing structures that don’t break at scale.

I can’t wait to help you give back to your community and become the market-leading nursing entrepreneur you were created to be!

See you in Obsessed Academy!

-Evan C. Stewart

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Our commitment to deliver refreshing, tactical content is unwavering. Here are some of the current offerings inside Obsessed Academy:

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Currently available courses
Coming soon courses
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Currently available content
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Currently available content
Coming soon content
Coming soon courses
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“Under Evan’s guidance, we’re about to have our first $200K month!”

“Evan knows how to cut through the noise and always brings a relevant message.”

“Obsessed Academy helped my double my business in one year!”

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