Landon noticed a gap in the marketplace—and set out to fill it.

How did Landon Hale, founder and broker of Post Oak Realty, transition his career from top-producing REALTOR® to leading one of the fastest-growing real estate brokerages in North Texas? On the outside looking in, one might call it “happenstance,” but to Landon the answer is more straightforward: a bit of discipline—carefully applied and practiced daily–a rigorous faith and knowing “God will make a way,” and a lot of good, old-fashioned hard work.

After six years of practicing real estate as an agent and eventual team leader, and growing his book of business to over eight figures in yearly production, Landon began to look around him and take inventory: something was missing.

“My business was growing and my team was growing, but I just craved more,” Landon reflects. He was working with excellent clients all around north Texas, but began to notice that the way agents were cared for, recognized for their unique values, and rewarded for their labor was underwhelming, to say the least.

“I began to realize that most agents have two big problems,” he explains. “For one, they’re not clear on what exactly their broker is doing to earn their business.” (If you’re not familiar with brokerage-agent relationships, here’s a quick primer: a typical real estate broker sponsors agents to work under the brokerage, and charges those agents a fee for using the broker’s name, system, and technology.) Landon continues, “If you’re giving up a portion of your commission to your broker, you need to be clear about how they’re earning that income.”

“And the second problem,” Landon points out, “is that many real estate professionals don’t realize they need to actually build a business that happens to be in real estate. That mental shift from ‘I’m an agent’ to ‘I’m a CEO’ is transformative.”

Knowing that these problems were prevalent throughout the industry, Landon took responsibility to bring the solution, and acted on his intuition.

Nearly quadrupling production was just the beginning.

In November of 2018, Landon partnered with Obsessed Academy and committed to one-on-one mentorship with founder Evan Stewart to develop a sustainable and profitable roadmap to his goals: growing his team, and growing his sales production. Becoming a broker and opening a full-fledged real estate company was (quite literally) the last thing on Landon’s mind.

At the time, Landon was operating under the umbrella of a real estate broker, and was leading a team of two additional agents. As Landon and Evan achieved clarity during the first few months of working together, Landon realized that transforming how real estate agents conduct their businesses would only become possible through opening his own brokerage. With this revelation in mind, Landon broke down his 12-month strategy into two distinct parts:

  1. Increase revenue to fund further expansion.
  2. Establish a lasting culture in his current team to support an eventual move from “team” to “brokerage.”

Sooner than expected, Landon realized his goals. In fact, by the end of Landon’s first year of working diligently, acquiring another agent, and applying Obsessed Academy training, his team’s production tripled—just a few deals shy of quadrupling—and his culture was established in rock-solid core values that guided every decision and formed a uniquely supportive, “solutions-driven” atmosphere.

Eliminating time from the equation.

In addition to soaring revenues and a record-breaking year for what was, at the time, Post Oak Property Group, on November 1, 2019—just one year after starting with Obsessed Academy—Landon achieved his goal of opening the doors to his own brokerage: Post Oak Realty officially opened for business.

Transitioning his team from their previous broker, building out his office, and hiring staff were all accomplished in the two months that remained in 2019. To date, Post Oak Realty is one of the fastest growing brokerages in North Texas . . . and with agents signing on nearly every week, the momentum that Landon created is unstoppable. 

“What we’re building here at Post Oak Realty,” Landon reflects, “would not be possible without the insight and counsel of Evan and Obsessed Academy.”

As Landon approaches the second anniversary of working with Obsessed Academy, his goals are larger than ever: achieving his first 100 agents at Post Oak Realty, expanding to new locations, and continuing to create a life that’s fully inspiring, fascinating, and motivating.

Working hard isn’t enough. Work smart.

It’s no secret that the success of Post Oak Realty would not be possible without the mindset and relentless work ethic of owner Landon Hale. But here at Obsessed Academy, we believe that working hard is only part of the full equation—finding mentorship and learning from those who can walk you to the finish line, and building a business plan based on the guidance of proven counsel, can enable you to eliminate years from the equation and realize your goals more quickly and with greater significance.

Put simply, you deserve to stop reinventing the wheel, and start working your unique  blueprint. Most small businesses fail within their first three years, not due to a business owner’s unwillingness to put in the hours or “make it happen,” but rather  due to a lack of knowledge, education, and information concerning the tools and systems that can nurture the growth of one’s idea into a solid and profitable full-fledged company. 

If you’re tired of running the rat race and coming home frustrated with your ideas not taking off as you’ve hoped, we encourage you to schedule a free demo or request a call from an Obsessed Academy advisor to discuss your business needs, and how partnering with the market leader in professional development can add rocket fuel to your growth.