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What is a WARTIME CEO?

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The mentality and structure of relentless leaders

One thing I love about 2020 is how un-surprisable everyone has become. At this point you could literally say aliens are . . . oh wait, that was in July. You could announce that giant hornets . . . oh wait, that was in May. Basically, we’re all growing accustomed to living in a Hollywood film directed by someone who had too much caffeine. Welcome to “the new normal.”

But that’s just the thing—there’s nothing normal about this scenario. Professionals everywhere are being forced to fight for what they believe in, to a shockingly greater degree than many of them are used to. Business obstacles seem more formidable now. Businesses are  finding that it’s a struggle to keep a grasp on dreams years or decades in the making.

Sound like you? In some form or fashion, if you’re responsible for driving a company forward or producing sales, you’ve been affected by the shifts we’ve experienced this year.

Consumer demands have changed. Markets have changed. The way we interact with our clients has changed. You need to shift, or risk losing everything you’ve been working towards. It’s time to embrace the “WARTIME CEO” mentality.

So what is a WARTIME CEO?

Put simply, a WARTIME CEO is a leader who thoughtfully operates on data, and doesn’t emotionally react to market shifts. WARTIME CEOs stand behind their convictions, core values, and mission. They’re focused on their targets, and relentless in their push to achieving them. WARTIME CEOs refuse to fail when the world pivots.

You’ve likely heard the statistic that most small businesses fail within the first three years. Unfortunately, this dire statistic is true, and with the additional factors of 2020 thrown into the mix, we’re seeing that “three-year” timeframe for startup and small businesses speed up. I personally believe this acceleration is because most founders start a company based on their excitement about the opportunity, instead of starting a company based on preparedness (gathering data and performing market research)–and then, when faced with the overwhelming demands of financial obligations, buckle.

This entire situation can be averted with a WARTIME CEO mindset. Shift your thinking from  “I have no control in this situation” to “I am able to control this situation, because my ability to produce doesn’t stop when my method of work changes.” That’s the WARTIME CEO mentality that I’m encouraging you–and equipping you–to adopt.

Frankly, even if you think you don’t need to lean into that level of intensity right now, it’s important to have the muscles ready if you have to use them. Call it disaster preparedness: no one knew a year ago that our world would face a pandemic in 2020, and we don’t know yet what 2021 and later might hold. As a consultant who works alongside powerful business owners all over the world, I became frustrated with seeing amazing, talented people struggle to keep what they so deeply desire, and what they have worked countless hours to achieve. Living out one of our core values, our administrative team here at Obsessed Academy collaborated to craft a solution that can put a stop to those concerns. The answer? The WARTIME CEO bootcamp launching on September 26, 2020.

The Answer

With concepts developed through my personal experience in building an industry-leading book of business, and application of my years spent helping other business owners accomplish the same level of scale in their own organizations, this one-day virtual event features top podcasters/marketers, business owners, and accomplished thought leaders on how to establish your WARTIME CEO mentality, and how to build a battle plan back to profitability in your business.

It’s crucial to note that the WARTIME CEO tools are based on proven, tactical strategies that have worked in real business situations, not motivational quotes, “feel good” propaganda, or thinly veiled opportunities to simply purchase more materials.

I remember the days of feeling lost, not being able to make rent payments ($800 was a lot of money to me in 2013), and not knowing where or how to apply my effort. Though bloodied and bruised, I emerged from that experience on top, and went on to build a multimillion-dollar book of business in my industry—and you can as well.

Have you felt trapped in your line of work? Felt that this “dream” you’re working so hard for is looking more like a jail cell? Stuck in your growth without clarity on where to move next?

These exact reasons are why you owe it to yourself, your business, your team, and your clients to build your battle plan. 

Join us on September 26 to learn about attacking opportunity in uncertain times, pushing through even the most difficult sales objections, building a bulletproof mental resilience that’s unshakable in turbulent markets, and fostering a business culture that encourages growth always, in all ways.

If there is any concern that you’re leaving money on the table in 2020, you should be here at WARTIME CEO.

I’ll see you on September 26. Times are being confirmed, but expect a full day to build your battle plan to finish Q4 strong and focused!

Stay Obsessed,

-Evan Stewart

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