We scale purposedriven

lives and businesses.




We believe personal development goes out the window when bills come in the door, and that individuals and organizations deserve to reap the rewards of their labor.

We believe in core values.

Here are ours.


Move swiftly and with accuracy

We believe in eliminating time from the equation without sacrificing quality in the process.


Always take full responsibility

We believe in being “solutions driven,” and taking complete responsibility for every issue that arises.


Collaborate without ego

We believe every individual is uniquely gifted, and we should use our God-given gifts to create meaningful, sustainable, positive impact.


“Great” isn’t good enough

We believe every day starts back “at zero,” and we should constantly strive to be better today than we were yesterday.

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Unlocking human potential.

We are committed to identifying those who are called to transform the world through their life and life’s work, and walk alongside them to bring clarity, sustainability, and profitability back to their message, business, and purpose.

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Under Evan's direction, I saw my income double every year since we started working together––and 2019 was the first year I made six figures! I would have never thought it possible, but those are the kind of results you can get with Evan if you just commit and do the work!


Obsessed Academy is next level in every category you could ever begin to imagine! We’re putting in place some huge things in the coming months, all thanks to Evan and Obsessed Academy! I could not be building what I'm building without his insight and counsel.


Evan's managed to create something truly unique and engaging. He is on to something big and has positioned himself as the market leader for professional development. Evan will be the next big name to come out of this new generation of entrepreneurs!


Obsessed Academy and Evan Stewart have changed the entire course of my business and life. I always knew I was on to something but didn’t have the tools to put it all in a way that was able to connect with others and have the greatest impact. Evan takes all the parts, puts them in order, and then helps you put them in your words. I cannot thank him or Obsessed Academy enough!


The lessons I've learned through OA+ Online exceeded the expectations he set before me! All in all, by working with Evan Stewart, you would be taking the initiative in closing the gap between where you are and the life you can be obsessed about.


Evan motivates and brings value to the plans and goals I have for myself, my family, and my relationships. I have definitely seen positive changes within all areas of my life! He inspires me to think bigger, both for myself, and my company.